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December 3, 2010 / push4ward

Sex And Religion

A debate going on in this part of the world? yes, it’s probably related to one of these two. We are a society that thinks they -somehow- are able to read peoples’ intentions sometimes before even the poor victim knows it themselves!

It’s baffling how a bunch of uneducated idiots can silence an educated person or group with a word or two. Accusations thrown and false allegations, naming and categorizing people into solid inflexible groups.

If you still find it hard to understand what the heck I’m babbling about then no big deal. Assuming you’re a Saudi or live in a closed anti-individualism society, you’re eligible for the following test ! You may ask yourself what would you think if you saw a guy and a girl holding hands..answers will vary..fine.

Let’s take it a step further and see: what would first jump to your mind if you saw an uncovered -just showing her face-Saudi girl in here? I know people whose ideas would go really wild..

Still no ‘judgmental’ answers on your part? Fine; up a notch: same girl holding her BlackBerry and chatting with a bunch of guys, smiling ear to ear?

How about a hardworking woman at a store?
Or a girl traveling on her own?
A girl all happy and jumping around in public?

I know those questions seem very silly to an outsider who doesn’t live here, yet those very questions are treated weirdly here and people can get arrested for showing such an act or get harassed at least. Also you may have noticed that every question involves a girl and a guy..and for many who think ill of such girls or guys the reason to think so is plainly sexual.. Just kind of shows the kind of thinking that goes into making such seemingly innocent situations look sexual and pornographic. I am actually surprised that there is no famous -if there’s any-  Saudi porn director, trust that he’ll give you a movie setting out of mundane and casual situations, you will be left speechless!

Of course this is only one side of the coin, on the other side , we have those weird ‘religious’ matters, which seem religious at first glance yet this resemblance couldn’t be further than the truth. The questions I’m about to state, do not conflict with a verse or a saying -fatwas aren’t considered- so give it a shot?

Again, same criteria applies, set..go!

A mosque nearby -hardly 2 meters- away from your window, speakers cranked up so loud it’s deafening, is it ok to be upset about it? is it okay to call it a ‘noise’? believe it or not, I heard such weird opinions, regardless, let’s move on to the next question:

is it okay to broadcast those lessons in mosques through speakers, regardless if our fella is going to yap for more than 30 minutes, not caring about those who live close by, need rest, sleep, study, work? I mean there’s a reason they did not stay to listen after prayer! is forcing it down their throats accepted?

The minute I decided to write this post, I promised myself I wouldn’t be talking about those PVPV (Prevention of Vice and Promotion of Virtue committee) guys, so I’m just going to leave it for you to see how checking a married woman out to staring right into her eyes to shouting after her in a mall to feeling weird that her husband is actually upset by such deeds – is all alright and tolerated as long as he is a PVPV guy, I mean come on! he’s a man with a beard, that should be worth something right!- how coloring over revealed and naked parts of girls on covers of magazines,CDs..etc isn’t bad for the PVPV guy making a living of it! I mean if I -a weak and crappy believer according to them- would get swayed and go running to the nearest toilets at the sight of a girl’s neck or arm, then what about this guy who is exposed to such material all year, that’s his job! to look and color!

Nope, probably he won’t be affected, he has a beard…


This silliness goes on and on to the point where you are really left thinking, such a lucky society! treated and done with all the crap a society can come across, and only this is what’s left… yeah sarcasm! Values don’t matter anymore, the core of the problem is ignored and ridiculed. sugarcoating any heinous deed with religion gives it a divine halo, it becomes untouchable and correct.

It’s a society ruled by fear of sex and hallowing divine ‘religious’ practices.




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  1. Dareen / Dec 6 2010 2:28 am

    First of all, WOW. Welcome back to blogging! That was just so outrageous but it speaks the ugly truth that no one dared to speak.
    The inhibition of this society is what’s bringing out the worst in them. They wouldn’t be seeking the internet to have access to the other world in such an ugly way. (you know what most teenagers look for in the internet here). Sad.
    Another sad thing, If a girl befriended a guy -god forbid- then she’ll have to endure the cruel judgement, gossips and rumors. Spare no soul.
    Btw, do they still do this coloring thingi? lol
    At last, you’re not dragging me with you into this. So I’m just gonna stop here and state a fact: I don’t know you. (In case you got arrested for this or something :p)
    P.S. I googled PVPV because I had no idea what that was.

  2. Dana MS / Dec 13 2010 5:56 pm

    when Dareen recommended your blog i clicked on the link and kept the tab open for a few days, intending to read it later when im free, now i finally read it and im glad i did!

    i love the your way of questioning and turning on the readers imagination, let alone what you said was the very bitter truth. although i think the anger is too much but maybe that was needed to prove your point

    So thank you! I think you’re a great writer, keep up the good work and your blog is definitely among my must-reads list.

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