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September 26, 2008 / push4ward

Democracy? meh..

a form of governing where every common person in their country has a say..

sounds cool but who said that’s all there is to it..nah that’s what we’re told.. there are so many wrong things with this concept than known..

to make things easier, let’s take the states as an example n see how flawed that concept. to start, in a democratic state the majority rules. but what makes it logical that most of the inhabitants of a country know what’s best for them n their country?

didn’t the majority rallied behind its government n supported it to wage a war in Vietnam then after seeing how bad things could get they decided they didn’t speak well?
wasn’t it the majority who pushed for a war in Iraq n now the majority is asking for a quick victory or a retreat n think this war they supported at start is useless?

would you still believe that what the majority agrees on is what’s best for them?

every four years the american people get ready to head to the election boxes to choose the candidate they want to be a president.. who did the majority decided to pick as president 8 years ago? yea you got it! n by the end of those four years the majority just decided what an awful president he is. yet, didn’t the majority elect him for a second term? n yes you guessed it! after four other years they decided..meh his policy destroyed America. he’s leaving the office in 40 days or so leaving behind a bad economy, an army troubled in Iraq.. in a month the americans are going to elect a new president regardless who he will be, wait more 4 years n the majority will be upset cuz of the way he’s running things n they’ll head again back to elect n it goes on n on.. basically what the majority think is good for them cant be true all the time, thus there gotta some authority watching over stuff n correcting whatever strays..

im not gonna get into what effect the media has n what role it plays in misleading the majority to think the wrong way they do.. im gonna stick with discussing how flawed democracy as the one form n the only form of a government allowed to exist without leaving space for another type of governing to co-exist..

most people don’t know what’s best for them, they’re basically fed what they should be thinking n acting like.. its pathetic.

imagine the entire world ruled under such an incomplete flawed form of ruling..n don’t think the states is the only state suffering, take a look at the others. it may not be as apparent but its there..yes people should have a say in what they want their future to be like..

but don’t you forget, among people you’ve many uneducated foolish n misled people who unfortunately form a majority that outweighs this educated and aware minority..

the media gets uneducated people to stop working their minds n just feed on what they provide, most people don’t care n others just look one side n neglect more important ones only cuz it’s not of a concern to him.. it’s messed up!

to sum things up, most of the time the majority gets lost n when they wake up n realize what they’ve gotten themselves into, it’s too late.

im no politician n have no idea how things can be solved but from where im looking, if the United States dropped voting of the people n only kept the congress to decide even who deserve te presidency is really good n much better.

the congress has representatives of the people, n no people got no say who’s selected. he must be educated n knows what hes doing. those educated people should lead the country, vote on bills etc. they know better. what the heck a common guy on the streets know about running a country other than the lies he’s being told in every presidential campaign that goes with the wind once the candidate secures the office?? god! those americans can’t even show you where Iraq in on a map! what the heck do they know about politics!

democracy? huh ya, right…it’s just so flawed!

September 13, 2008 / push4ward

September 11, 2001 Tragedy

Tuesday, September 11, 2001..

a day started like any other day and ended like no other day.


Time: Early Morning
Location: New York City, New York

New Yorkers going to their jobs enjoying this nice day and clear sky. luckily, only half (about 10,000-14,000) of those working and occupying the two towers were heading to their destiny. the observation deck wasn’t scheduled to open until 9.30 a.m. ,but a few tourist are believed to having being there when the impact happened.


Time: 7:58 a.m.
Location: Boston , Massachusetts

United Airline Flight 175 takes off from Boston heading to Los Angeles, the Boeing 767 is carrying 56 passengers on board and a crew of 11, two pilots and nine flight attendants, this plane is hijacked after takeoff and diverted to New York.


Time: 7:59 a.m.
Location: Boston, Massachusetts

American Airlines Flight 11 takes departs Boston for Los Angeles, the Boeing 767 is carrying 81 passengers on board and a crew of two pilots and nine flight attendants. this plane is also hijacked and diverted its course to New York.


Time: 8:01 a.m.
Location: Newark, New Jersey

United Airlines Flight 93, a Boeing 757 carrying 38 passengers, two pilots and five flight attendants, leaves Newark for San Francisco.


Time: 8:10 a.m.
Location: Washington D.C.

American Airlines Flight 77 departs Dulles International Airport for Los Angeles, the Boeing 757
carrying 58 passengers, two pilots and four flight attendants is hijacked right after takeoff.


Time: 8:46 a.m.
Location: New York City, New York

American Flight 11 from Boston fly right into the North Tower at the World Trade Center at 500 mph, loaded with 15,000 gallons of jet fuel and crashes into the 93rd through 98th floors of the tower. the force of the impact is estimated to be equal to 480,000 pounds of TNT.


Time: 9:03 a.m.
Location: New York City, New York

United Flight 175 from Boston crashes into the South Tower at the World Trade Center. U.S. Federal Aviation Adminstration shuts down all New York area airports.


Time: 9:21 a.m.
Location: New York City, New York

all bridges and tunnels leading into NYC are closed.


Time: 9:25 a.m.
Location: the U.S.

All domestic flights are grounded by U.S. Federal Aviation Administration.


Time: 9:45 a.m.
Location: Arlington, Virginia

American Flight 77 crashes into The Pentagon.


Time: 10:05 a.m.
Location: New York City, New York

The South Tower at the World Trade Center collapses.


Time: 10:10 a.m.
Location: Washington D.C.

The White House is evacuated. A large section of one side of The Pentagon collapses.


Time: 10:10
Location: near Shanksville, Pennsylvania

United Flight 93 crashes in a wooded area in Pennsylvania, after passengers confront hijackers.


Time: 10:28 a.m.
Location: New York City, New York

After 102 mintues from being hit, the North Tower at the World Trade Center collapses.


2,604 people died and 24 remain listed as missing on that day resulting from the destruction of the Twin Towers alone. 88 people on board American Flight 11 and 59 others on board United 175 lost thier lives. the attack on the Pentagon killed 125 people, 55 of them were military personnel while the rest are all civilians . Also, among the dead are the 59 passengers on board American 77 that crashed into the building.

40 other people passed away after the crashing of United 93 in Shanksville bringing the total of fatalities of that day up to 2,975 dead people and 24 missing. that’s not including the 19 hijackers.

back to the World Trade Center among those 2,604 who died there, 1,366 people at or above the impact zone in the North Tower were killed. hundreds were killed instantly by the impact, while the rest were trapped and died after the tower collapsed. 600 others in the South Tower were killed instantly or were also trapped at or above the floors of impact.

at least 200 people jumped to their deaths, other made their way up to the floors of the burning towers in hope of a helicopter rescue, no such rescue plans existed that day tho, due to the thick smoke and intense heat.

In addition, 411 emergency workers died as they did all they could to put the fire out and rescue the people trapped in the towers.

August 28, 2008 / push4ward

last day in here

its finally time to fly back home! been away for two long months n in exactly 3 hours i won’t be here anymore, that’s fun.. anyway i just felt like postin this before i pack my laptop 🙂

August 25, 2008 / push4ward

summer comes to an end

it’s monday, last week of summer session, day of my finals n the day where the summer journey finally comes to an end!

my gosh, 8 weeks stuck with 2 courses n only 2 close friends n some guys here n there i barely see twice a week.. too boring compared with a regular semester, but yea my primary goal is accomplished n im happier with myself than i was few months ago..

a 40-day vacation is what i need now, im so excited to board the plane n fly back home, even tho last year’s summer was wayyyy better but we had fun this summer too, from goin to the beach to riding horses it was fun. well, bara is the one who did the last one :p to be honest it seems gay to me lol gettin on a naked male being’s back n going wooooo thats quite gay :p guess i’ll wait some time till i ride one..

we might go on a roadtrip to Riyadh if everything went the way its supposed to, n it is so far going’ll fun n the last thing we do this summer before leaving home n gosh im so excited!

even tho this summer was short on awesomeness lol it was quite a victory for me, it was good in terms of bonding with people, there are only a few this summer n i could get closer to some. i have to start packin to stuff it all in the trunk of my car since im sending the car tomorrow, my mood is really so good this week, lots of stuff waiting to happen n many changes, god i hate routine..

well here’s my sixth semester in colloge almost over n the seventh wont be easy at all, i need to work twice as hard to accomplish what i have in mind.. anyhow till that time comes i’ve got over a month to enjoy n relax :o)

buh bye studyin! hello fun!

August 21, 2008 / push4ward


been a while since my last post..

i sleep +10 hours a day, i spend most of my day relaxing and i might have put on a little weight..summer sucks

anyway, whinning is never good so i decided to take matters in hand n try to find something cool to do.. i read a book, i played video games, went out, played billiard,bowling, ran n walked till i couldn’t walk anymore n im still feelin pretty bored n useless..

finals coming up in 5 days then i get to go home n that isn’t any better, lots of stuff are waitin over there for me to be done but at least i wont be sittin on my ass doing nothing.. oh since i mentioned finals, my last exams results are back n i scored full marks in both courses im taking.. im surprised, it feels great.

seems like no traveling this summer, i’d be probably spending the rest of the vacation learning german, playin online, surfing the net, working on the relationships i have in my life n nothing more..

i hate routine, i want today to be something, to be special but it’s hard to think of something fun to do right now.. most likely i’ll go take a shower, hang out with some friends who are bored as well, drop by the laundry, have dinner n hit the sack… aah summer !!

August 12, 2008 / push4ward

A pity….!

a lying friend, an illusive past, a new person coming in to my life and crazy relatives… just wow!!

it’s so not good to live 3 years chasing something n later on find out it’s all been for nothing! nothing is all i get…

why do people lie? why do people hate? why do people suck!!! i thank god for the family i have n some of the friends i have who are damn great if it wasn’t for them i would’ve lost it long time ago..

interacting with people means gettin hurt at some point, yet nobody can live without interactin with one another.. humans having feelings is a curse n a blessing, with no feelings there wont be hatred, wrath, anger etc. still humans are nothing without feelings….

at some point you cease to believe in stuff n start doubting everything around.. cease to understand n realize what’s the meaning of life.. we live decades full of pain..
when we’re young we see everything colorful and beautiful, charming n adorable… but we grow up..we eventually get into a new world where good ideals are unacceptable, makes us strangers n render us stupid n useless.. where good manners can get us to nowhere as everyone around is doin ‘what it takes’ to secure a position or achieve somethn..where we cant get to where we wanna be till we’ve sacrificed every good thing we believed in n have been raised to hang on to for dear life.. as time passes a voice inside wakes us up, n we start to realize how much we’ve changed n strayed.. we choose to ignore this voice n keep on going.. we reach a place where nothing makes sense..where everything loses its meaning.. n where we just fight for survival.. once we’re totally consumed we’re thrown away n replaced with others, fresh blood n can get the job done.. we survived..done fightin..its as good as we can ever get.. but the stuff we lost fightin all the way never comes back..n the stuff we gained remains there for eternity till we’re buried..none of what mom told us to keep n never lose is still there!…..
we have babies..we start teaching them all those same good manners n good ideals to hang on to n never let go of..ha what an irony..they end up taking the same cycle we’ve been in once..despite our cries n shouts of correction..after they finish their cycle..they have kids who take over…

what a pity…!

have you ever stopped for a moment to wonder… janitors, soldiers, salesperson, homeless person, cops, students, kings n presidents etc… weren’t we all kids? didn’t we love the same stuff n fight for ’em? weren’t we all taught the same perfect ideals? how on earth did we end up this way? life just makes us this way, simply there has to be a janitor n a cop n a king..we can’t all be the same!

do you think humanity is a civilized race? do you think because we have all those skyscrapers n major cities that we’re civilized? if your answer is yes then let me leave you with a thought..

take away those machines people use to call 911, 999 or whatever your emergency number is, take away authorities, take away juridical systems.. strike fear into people’s life n see how they fight like animals for survival..

August 10, 2008 / push4ward

Jeddah Legend

for the guys who have no idea what is.. i dont think i can call it a band, just a saudi guy who was studyin in the states n was so influenced with the black culture there n came back to saudi arabia n managed to record an album..

i usually hate this kinda music and when i heard about him i was like ” oooooooh come on another one tryin to imitate what he saw in there” but when the album was released days ago i was actually amazed..first a damn great accent, second the suitable voice n the right pitch for this kind of music n finally good lyrics

for sure , as with many other albums out there, not every song is an absolute win, two songs of my favorites are mother and jewels.

overall the album is fine and much better than i thought, so if you’ve already made your judgement before takin some time to listen to it, i suggest you give it a chance :o)