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February 23, 2012 / push4ward

A Divide..

Torn apart and divided.. Lost and confused I walked around..

I didn’t know where I wanted to go or how to get about..

Nothing seemed certain or concrete.. Everything was fragile and weak..

The door of possibilities was wide open.. Many variables and very few constants..

Wherever I turned around me, I saw nothing but darkness..

I reached into my soul seeking light but none was there to find..

I turned to where my family used to stand.. Where I used to find them every night..

No one was there.. They were not one anymore.. They have separated..

They used to be one but many.. Now, I see many but can’t reach any..

I refused to accept this.. My family is supposed to be better.. That marriage is supposed to last longer..

I am not meant to be torn like this.. He’s angry.. She’s angry.. Kids crying.. And I’m standing.. motionless..,,.. emotionless..

Divided there I’m standing.. Help!

My voice was lost in all the screams and cries..

I drifted part..

Divided there I stood.. A part of me was lost.. And lingered there the other part..

Divided my heart is.. Wondering if one day that divide will end,,


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